RB Swing Studio

I now have a new Swing Studio which is inside the clubhouse, accessible through the Pro Shop. This new Swing Studio is still powered by a GC2 launch monitor, but it is certainly a lot warmer and welcoming than the previous one.

Studio 1 Studio 2

In a nutshell, the launch monitor is a sophisticated piece of equipment which takes several photos of the ball within the first 30cm or so of flight. It then sends the information to the laptop and the software converts the data into an image which is then projected onto the fine gauge white net, which doubles up as a screen. You then see the simulated flight of the ball and can get access to ball speed, launch angle, back spin, carry distance and more!

The simulator delivers very accurate values of club and ball performance. What's more with it being indoors, it's warm and dry no matter what the weather!

To learn more about what you can do using a GC2 launch monitor, please click here.

Studio Price List

 DurationPriceMember Price
Club Fitting*60 mins£28£26
Ball Fitting**45 mins£28£26
Yardage Assessment45 mins£28£26
Simulator (1 player)30 mins£8£7
Simulator (1 player)60 mins£15£12
Simulator (2 or more)60 mins£22£18

* Free of charge if 1 or more clubs are purchased
** Free of charge if 1 dozen or more golf balls are purchased