GC2 Launch Monitor at Hale GC

As part of my teaching and club fitting service I have invested in a Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor. This is an amazing bit of kit that has a stereoscopic camera system that precisely captures and analyses a golf ball's flight characteristics just after impact. It measures the following:

  • logoBall Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Side Spin
  • Back Spin
  • Total Spin
  • Direction
  • Carry Distance

The GC2 delivers very accurate values of club and ball performance.


So at this point some of you may well be saying - 'Ok Richard, sounds interesting but a bit too technical for my level of play, how exactly can this thing improve my golf game?' - Well I'm glad you asked because there are several ways it can help as follows:

1. You and maybe some friends are able to play a different course in the warm and dry using the simulator. It's good fun, quick and can cost as little as £6 per person per hour to hire.

2. If you would like to buy a new club, say a driver for example, then we would arrange a fitting. I would ask you to hit some shots with your driver and then we could compare that to some drivers of mine from stock. The data that is generated can then be used to show that a new driver may help you to hit the ball further with less side spin. Of course it could confirm that the driver you currently have is better than anything else that's out there!!! So either way the simulator helps you to find the best performing clubs for your game.

3. It can also provide some excellent feedback during a golf lesson. For instance, imagine you slice the ball and the simulator tells us that you create an average of 1500 rpm of sidespin when you strike the ball. We can then see that a grip change can reduce this to say 800 rpm of sidespin. Yes, we can see the ball is spinning less sideways but this is much more specific and can help you to realise that although the grip change or whatever might feel uncomfortable at first, it's going to be worth the effort of getting used to it to see the long term improvement.

4. A player can also hire the room to practice in with the GC2. That way he/she will get the same feedback of spin rates, launch angles that occur within a golf lesson but can then use that data to hone their individual practice sessions.

5. Do you actually know how far you hit every club? Apparently, 85% of amateur golfers do not know how far they hit each club in their bag. We can do a session on the simulator where you hit every one of your clubs and at the end you will leave with a small laminated card which you can keep in your golf bag to help you remember. Becoming more aware of this information, will help you strike your shots with much more confidence. Combine this information with a GPS or Laser Distance Device and you'll really notice a difference.

6. During lessons, when I look in a golfer's bag, all too often I see two or even three clubs that all go the same distance. For example, a 7-wood, a 22 degree hybrid/rescue and a 4-iron. This just leads to confusion about which club to hit when. Far better if need be to carry fewer clubs that each hit it a different distance or fill in a "gap" in your set where there is a big difference in distance from one club to the next. Hence the industry term of "gapping" which is making sure there are incremental distance gaps between each club in the bag. You may have heard of a "gap" wedge? These exist because in modern sets of irons there is invariably an enormous difference in the distance a pitching wedge and a sand iron travels. In my case I hit a sand iron 90 yards and a pitching wedge over 120 so a gap wedge helps me enormously with that awkward in-between distance.

7. Which ball should I be using is a common question I get in the Pro Shop. Well with the simulator we can get you to hit several different types of balls and see which one suits your game and requirements the best by analysing the data.

So there you have it, the GC2 can be used in lots of different ways to help improve your game. Please contact me here for further details or to go ahead and book an appointment.

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