Studio Testimonials

"I really enjoyed my recent lesson in Richard's new studio. For starters, you are out of the elements, which means there are no distractions and no excuses!

The biggest benefit for me was using the flight tracker - you can easily visualise how any particular fault(s) are affecting the flight and length of the ball and then see what effect the corrective action is having (or not as the case might be). I thought this was all massively additive to the experience one might normally get on a driving range or practice area / net.

Knowing that you can rely on the simulator to record the flight of your stroke removes any temptation to lift your head to see the flight of the ball because it is all recorded on a monster screen in front of you. So instant feedback! The simulator will take any club, although I didn't try putting, I did do some chipping along with some long irons. Anyway, once consistency improves I will no doubt progress beyond the practice range (on the simulator) to the first hole (or any hole that I chose) of one of the courses Richard has stored on his box of tricks."

Paul Gilbert


"I have used Richard's new golf simulator installation on two occasions and I have found it a fascinating and enjoyable experience. I was trying out a couple of clubs and it makes the process a lot more scientific. The ability to hit half a dozen shots with each club and see the flight of the ball on the screen and then compare the statistics in terms of carry, length and spin in tabular form gives so much more information that just hitting on the practice ground. If you have a fascination for the amount of side spin you apply to a golf ball this is the machine for you. Equally, if you just like seeing the flight of the ball on the screen and comparing half a dozen shots (the flight of all of which are retained) it is very useful. It is a substantial investment by Richard in the facilities available to the members and I thoroughly recommend having a go with it."

Michael Wells



Coaching Testimonials

"Golf lessons with Richard are always an absolute pleasure. They are completely relaxed and enjoyable, whilst his knowledge and interpersonal skills make them a great learning experience. His lessons are characterised by avoiding over-fussy analysis, and things are kept so clear and straightforward that (in my case much needed) improvement in all aspects of the game flows smoothly from his teaching."

Andrew King


"Richard is the consummate club professional! He has an ability to teach at all levels from junior to senior as well as low handicapper to hacker - group lessons or individual. His willingness to spend time with members and guests when deciding on a purchase as well as organising manufacturer's trial days is appreciated by all. A round of golf with Richard and the Captain in challenge matches is as good as any private lesson. We are very lucky to have Richard as our club pro and part of the team at Hale Golf Club."

Philip Long

"My 11 year old sons have had group and one to one coaching with Richard for 2 years. All one to ones are backed up with an email of skills to work on. Richard's positive approach is calm, patient and most importantly kind. My husband & I don't play but Richard has encouraged the boys to play in the adult/junior tournaments, to practise at the range and they have recently become club members."

Cathy Graham

"I have recently completed a beginners ladies coaching programme with Richard and cannot wait to begin the next one. It has been a great learning experience, interesting and social. Most importantly, my swing has improved week on week. He has an easy going, relaxed way and a sense of humour that transfers to his lessons. He really understands why beginners feel apprehensive about the game and playing on the course. To address that he puts together long and short game exercises to really help you understand how the game is played and develop your swing.

Richards approach is comprehensive, spending time on all aspects of the game, the swing, the clubs, the etiquette and your mental approach. I cannot rate Richard highly enough and I have no hesitation in recommending Richard as a golf coach."

Angie McCrum

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