The perfect follow through position

When coaching, I often explain to pupils that a correct follow through position is an excellent indicator of good movement throughout the swing. Hence I like to see pupils hold their finish position after hitting a shot, often for a count of three to check that they can maintain their balance. This helps them to feel where they have got to and start to notice the difference between good and bad movements/swings. If you look at the two photos below, the things to look for are as follows (for a right-handed golfer):

  • Face, sternum and belt buckle facing the target
  • Sole of right shoe facing away from the target
  • Hands somewhere near the left ear
  • Over 90% of the golfers weight on their left side
  • Balanced and tension free


I understand that people of different ages and flexibilities will differ in their actual positions however the basic premise stands that if your finish position is along the lines of the above you will have made a committed swing through impact towards the target. Get the follow through position correct and often a good quality strike will take care of itself. Get in touch here to enquire about a lesson.


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The perfect follow through position
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